Quick reference for procedures

Only those who have "Student" status of residence are eligible to receive the services for international students.

* NHI … National Health Insurance 
* ECS … Educational Computer System 
* IIMC … Institute for Information Management and Communication
* IESMD … International Student and Mobility Division, Kyoto University
* SAD … Student Affairs Division, Kyoto University
* KCIF … Kyoto City International Foundation
* MEXT Sch.  … Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship
* TA & RA … Teaching Assistant & Research Assistant


Contents Office concerned Note
Application for Kyoto Univ. International Houses Faculty/Grad. School Jan. & Jul. Less than 1 yr. since entry to Japan

Immediately after entrance to Kyoto University

Contents Office concerned Note
Receiving Residence Card  Arrival Airport Not issued for those with a Temporary Visitor Visa or a Student Visa with a 3-month period of stay
Notification of Address (Resident Registration) City/Ward Office  
National Health Insurance (NHI) City/Ward Office  
Orientation by Faculty/Graduate School Faculty/Grad. School Not always offered. Please check with relevant office
Academic advising Academic Advisors  
Student ID Faculty/Grad. School  
Health checkup Faculty/Grad. School  
Library card Main Library Not necessary for regular students
Short lecture about how to use an ECS-ID IIMC Not always necessary
Tuition payment   Payment slip given in mid-Apr. & mid-Oct.
Japanese language class registration at Education Ctr. for Japanese Language and Culture IESMD Late-Mar. & late Sep. Optional
Kyoto City subsidy for NHI fee by KCIF Faculty/Grad. School Sep. & Mar. Kyoto City residents only.
Personal accident insurance Welfare Division Compulsory for all KU students at the time of enrollment n principal
Applying Kyoto University Co-op membership Co-op Optional 
Personal Liability Insurance for Students Co-op Compulsory for int'l students in principle
Co-op membership required
Applying for a tutor Faculty/Grad. School Limited eligibility
Opening a savings account Post Office or Bank  

Specific period

Contents Office concerned Note
Notification of new address/moving out/moving In City/Ward Office  
Extension of status of residence Immigration Bureau Possible from 3 months before expiry
Re-entry permit Immigration Bureau See "A Special Re-entry Permit System" as well
Application for scholarships Faculty/Grad. School Check bulletin board regularly
Transcript, enrollment, or completion certificate Faculty/Grad. School  
Leave of absence, readmission, & withdrawal Faculty/Grad. School  
Tuition exemption Faculty/Grad. School SAD for 1st & 2nd yr. undergraduates
MEXT Sch. extension/withdrawal Faculty/Grad. School For MEXT Sch. students only

As needed

Contents Office concerned Note
Housing Int'l Service Office, Co-op etc.  
Borrowing Japanese language material Student Lounge 'KI-ZU-NA'  
Certificate of MEXT Sch. & Honors Sch. IESMD Requires processing time (three business days)
Advising service for international students Int'l Service Office Only with cooperating partners
Part-time job permit Immigration Bureau Not required for TA & RA
Part-time job information Co-op & Welfare Division  
Student discount for public transportation Faculty/Grad. School Generally not available for non-Regular students
Harassment consultation Faculty/Grad. School & Int'l Student Advising Room  

Before going home

Contents Office concerned Note
Accepting/declining return trip expenses of MEXT Sch. Faculty/Grad. School For MEXT Sch. students only
Cancelling Kyoto Univ. Co-op membership Co-op Head Office
(Yoshida Campus)
For Co-op members only
Notification of moving out & cost-adjustment of NHI City/Ward Office  
Returning Resident Card Departing Airport  
Apostille etc.   Optional