International Student Advising Office

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International Student Advising Office, along with Student Lounge 'KI-ZU-NA' (KIZUNA), offers advising services to international students who have concerns about their academic studies or life in Japan.

Advising Schedule (as of 1 April 2023)

Service locations

First-time advising

Reserve a session at the International Student Advising Office, or visit advisors at KIZUNA during the hours specified in the Advising Schedule.

Advising services at the International Student Advising Office are provided by clinical psychologists and medical doctors, and require an appointment by email or online.

  • Email: advising_international* (replace * with @)
  • Online form (for Kyoto University students, faculty, and staff only)

Requests and inquiries are accepted at any time but may take a few days to process.

Please note that the International Student Advising Office is not in charge of admissions.

For questions about admissions and other related topics, see:
Contacts: Admissions, student exchange programs, tuition, fees, financial aid, etc


  • Dr YANASE Maya (Senior Lecturer/Psychiatrist/MD)
  • Dr HISHIDA Kazuto (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)
  • Ms NISHIOKA Mayumi (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)
  • Ms HUANG Hsinhui (Licensed Clinical Psychologist)
  • Ms OKITSU Aoi (Licenced Clinical Psychologist)
  • Dr IMAI Asako (Advisor, EdD)