Global profile

The year 2022 will mark the 125th anniversary of the foundation of Kyoto University . This represents both a historical moment to commemorate the University’s academic contribution to Japan and the world, and it also represents a new beginning, a new opportunity to look both in and outwards and to reinvent itself into the future.

This represents a new bright start, guided by the motto 京大力、新輝点 (" Kyodai-ryoku, shin kiten ", or roughly translated as "Kyoto University’s power, a new shining point") from where Kyoto University aims to continue fostering its well-established global interactions.

Kyoto University is located at the cultural heart of Japan, and its international vocation spurs out of its commitment to academic freedom and diversity. The University serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western philosophies; it also connects ancient traditions with most advanced human developments, and academic expansion.

It is through wide exchange and interaction with the world that innovative research is created, that education becomes dynamic and inclusive, and that the value of the University overflows and engages with society at large.

As a university opened to the world, Kyoto University actively engages and expands its frontiers. The figures in its international facts, its connections and networking capabilities through Overseas Offices, its worldwide network of On-site Laboratories , the setting of strategic partnerships with other institutions of excellence, together with other international facilities, provide a strong ground upon which it continues bridging with the global society.