The threefold mission of the Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation is (1) to promote collaborative research among academia, industries and the government, (2) to support business start-ups by researchers or students, and (3) to manage and utilize the university’s intellectual properties.

Collaborative Research Courses/Laboratories, created by SACI in April 2010, specialize in collaborative research contracts and are established to improve the efficiency of collaborative research with Kyoto University. These courses are supervised by the deans and directors of the university and are supported by the various faculties to help ensure the successful progress of collaborative research.

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreements are entered into between SACI and major global companies to identify common research interests from Kyoto University’s many distinguished academic research.

SACI combines academic research and business applications into an educational foundation that encourages entrepreneurial and business-oriented thinking. SACI also maintains a close collaborative relationship with the Kyoto University Venture Fund (NVCC #1), promoting spin-out venture companies based on the university’s research discoveries.

The Notable R&D for Technology Transfer website is managed by SACI as a portal to information on up-to-date technologies in their various stages of development: not only on intellectual properties such as patents, but also on technologies which are currently being researched.