Quick reference for procedures and services


Please note that services for international students are available only to those with a "Student" status of residence.

List of abbreviations used in the tables below:

  • NHI – National Health Insurance
  • IIMC – Institute for Information Management and Communication
  • ILAS – Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • IESM – Kyoto University International Education and Student Mobility Division
  • SA – Kyoto University Student Affairs Division
  • KCIF – Kyoto City International Foundation
  • MEXT Sch – Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship
  • TA & RA – Teaching Assistant & Research Assistant

Before matriculation

  Procedure/service Office concerned Note
1 Proxy application service for the "Certificate of Eligibility" Faculty/Grad School Not available to MEXT Scholarship recipients  with embassy recommendations and exchange students from Kyoto University's university-level exchange partners.
2 Application for Kyoto Univ International Houses Faculty/Grad School Applications are accepted in Jan & Jul, and only from those who have been in Japan less than a year.

Immediately after matriculation

  Procedure/service Office concerned Note
3 Obtaining a Residence Card

Arrival airport

The Card is not issued to those with a Temporary Visitor Visa or 3-month Student Visa.
4 Notification of address (resident registration) Municipal office  
5 National Health Insurance (NHI) Municipal office  
6 Confirmation and notification of status of residence Faculty/Grad School Submit copies of the passport and Residence Card.
7 Orientation by Faculty/Graduate School Faculty/Grad School Not provided in some cases, so it is advisable to inquire at the Faculty/Grad School office concerned.
8 Academic advising Academic advisor  
9 Student ID Faculty/Grad School  
10 Health checkup Faculty/Grad School  
11 Library card Main Library The card is not issued to regular students as their student ID cards function as library cards.
12 Orientation for new students

- Library Network
- Health, Safety, and Environment Organization ("Agency for Health, Safety and Environment")

13 Tuition payment   Payment must be made using the bank transfer form issued in mid-Apr & -Oct.
14 Japanese language class registration at Education Ctr for Japanese Language and Culture ILAS Optional. Registration opens in Mar & Sep.
15 NHI subsidies for Kyoto City residents, available by applying to KCIF Faculty/Grad School Applications are accepted in Sep & Mar from privately-financed students residing in Kyoto City.
16 Personal accident insurance Welfare Division In principle, enrollment is mandatory for all KyotoU students at the time of matriculation.
17 Kyoto University Co-op membership Co-op Membership is required for enrollment in the Personal Liability Insurance (mentioned below).
18 Personal Liability Insurance for Students Co-op In principle, enrollment is mandatory for international students at the time of matriculation, and requires Co-op membership.
19 Tutoring program Faculty/Grad School Available to eligible and interested students.
20 Opening a savings account Post Office (Japan Post Bank) or bank  

During specific periods

  Procedure/service Office concerned Note
21 Notification of new address/moving out/moving In Municipal office Required when moving house.
22 Reporting a change of address Faculty/Grad School  
23 Extension of status of residence Immigration Bureau Applications can be made as early as three months before expiry.
24 Reporting an extension of status of residence Faculty/Grad School  
25 Reporting a period of absence Faculty/Grad School The prior permission of an advisor is required.
26 Re-entry permit Immigration Bureau

Required when temporarily leaving Japan.

(Read the section on the "Special Re-entry Permit System" on the left page.)
27 Scholarships Faculty/Grad School Regularly check the Faculty/Grad School bulletin board for updates.
28 Academic transcript, graduation certificate, and the certificate of student status Faculty/Grad School  
29 Leave of absence, readmission, & withdrawal Faculty/Grad School  
30 Tuition exemption Faculty/Grad School Applications from 1st & 2nd yr undergraduates are handled by SA.
31 MEXT Sch extension/withdrawal Faculty/Grad School Applicable to MEXT Sch students only.

As needed

  Procedure Office concerned Note
32 Housing International Service Office, Co-op, etc  
33 Procedures related to the status of residence International Service Office, etc  
34 Borrowing Japanese language material Student Lounge KI-ZU-NA (KIZUNA)  
35 Certificate of MEXT & Honors Sch

IESM International Student Support Section

(In the basement of Yoshida International House)
Three business days are required for issuance.
36 Advising service for international students

- Student Lounge KI-ZU-NA (KIZUNA)
- International Student Advising Office

37 Part-time job permit Immigration Bureau Not required for TA & RA jobs.
38 Part-time job information Co-op & Welfare Division  
39 Student discount for public transportation Faculty/Grad School Usually not available to non-regular students.
40 Harassment consultation

- Faculty/Grad School
- International Student Advising Office


When leaving the University (such as upon graduation, program completion, and withdrawal)

  Procedure Office concerned Note
41 Accepting/declining a return air ticket from MEXT Faculty/Grad School Applicable to MEXT Sch students only.
42 Returning the student ID card and requesting any necessary certificates Faculty/Grad School  
43 Cancelling Co-op membership Co-op Head Office
(Yoshida-South Campus)
Applicable to Co-op members only.
44 Returning books Library, etc  
45 Procedures related to the status of residence Immigration Bureau, etc Procedures depend on plans after graduation/withdrawal.
46 Notification of moving out, settlement of NHI & National Pension premium payments, and returning of Individual Number Cards or Individual Number notification cards Municipal office  
47 Apostille, etc   Optional.
48 Terminating apartment lease Landlord or real estate company  
49 Cleaning the rented house/apartment   Soiled or damaged property may incur cleaning or repair expenses.
50 Garbage disposal   Bicycles must be disposed of before moving out.
51 Canceling the bicycle registration Police station, etc  
52 Settlement of utility bills   Payments must be made for electricity, gas, water, mobile phone/internet, etc.
53 Closure of bank accounts Post Office (Japan Post Bank) or bank Make sure in advance that there are no outstanding payments to be made from the account concerned (especially if it has been set up for automatic utility payments).
54 Returning the Residence Card Departing airport The Card must be returned when leaving Japan with no intention of returning.