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Kyoto University
Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501 JAPAN

Phone: +81-75-753-7531

Admissions, student exchange programs, tuition, fees, financial aid, etc

Make sure to check the following links before contacting the offices specified below.

Admissions procedures and requirements vary by faculty/graduate school. Visit the website of each faculty/graduate school and read its application guidelines. For additional questions, contact the faculty/graduate school's administrative office.

If you are not sure about which office to contact for your question about studying at Kyoto University, please email:

  • Study@Kyoto University Team
    Email: studyku* (replace * with @)
  • Scholarships
    International Student Division
    Email: intlstudent* (replace * with @)
  • Student exchange programs
    (Outbound) Email:* (replace * with @)
    (Inbound) Email:* (replace * with @)

Visa applications

International Service Office

Phone: +81-75-753-2245, 5412
Email: kuiso* (replace * with @)
Website: Kyoto University International Service Office

Kyoto University International House and accommodation information

International Service Office

Phone: +81-75-753-7614
Email: kuiso* (replace * with @)
Website: Kyoto University International Service Office

Executive visits

International Affairs Division

Email: ipromo* (replace * with @)
Website: Kyoto University: Global Engagement

Faculties and Graduate Schools

To contact specific Faculties or Graduate Schools, see:

Research Institutes, Centers, and Organizations

Researcher database

If you wish to find information on researchers or details of their work, conduct a search within the Activity Database on Education and Research.

Employment and other inquiries