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Welcome to KyotoU’s International Concierge & information resource management site.

This site is meant to facilitate access to information relevant to the reader’s experience in, with, or in relation to Kyoto University, guiding the reader to find the "entry points" to different kinds of information according to the his or her needs and standpoint.

The International Concierge offers access to a wide range of information, covering issues of interest to students such as procedures for registration, kinds of programs available, forms of academic and financial support, life as a student, and more. Content for researchers and professors covers job opportunities, working rules and procedures, benefits, human resources issues, life in Japan, and more.


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Note: Some of the information shared through International Concierge is for internal use at KyotoU; access requires logging into the University’s internal network on campus (KUINS Air) or providing a KyotoU ID (ECS-ID or SPS-ID) and password.