Temporary departure from Japan and re-entry

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International students temporarily leaving Japan to visit their home countries or travel to other countries, even for a short period, must complete the following procedures.

Important: Notice for Temporary Departure from/Re-entry into Japan without Taking a Leave of Absence

On Campus

  1. Obtain permission from their academic advisors
  2. Report to their faculty/graduate school office

At the Immigration Bureau

Following the introduction of the new system of residence management in July 2012, a re-entry permit is not required by international residents with a valid passport and a resident card (or alien registration card), who plan to return to Japan within one year of their departure and resume the same activities (Special Re-entry Permit System1).

For those leaving Japan with a Special Re-entry Permit, it is not possible to extend the period of validity of the permit from outside of Japan. Be aware that residence status will be revoked if the holder does not re-enter Japan within one year of departure1.

Those who plan to leave Japan for more than one year must obtain a "Re-entry Permit" from the Immigration Bureau before leaving Japan. Items required to apply for the Re-entry Permit include a passport, a resident card (or alien registration card) and processing fees (3,000yen for single re-entry, 6,000yen for multiple). Re-entry Permits expire on the same day as the holder's period of residence status.

In general, it is not possible to apply for an extension of period of stay at a Japanese embassy (consulate) abroad. Those whose period of stay expires within one year of their departure are required to return to Japan before the expiration date of their period of stay.

At the port of departure/re-entry

Take your Resident Card (or Alien Registration Card) with you when leaving and re-entering Japan. If you leave Japan with a Special Re-entry Permit, be sure to tick the column indicating "Departure with Special Re-entry Permission" on your Embarkation Card for Re-entrant (ED card), which you will be asked to fill out at the airport. Present the completed ED card together with your Resident Card (or Alien Registration Card), passport, and boarding pass to the immigration officers at the port of departure/re-entry.