Procedures for Monbukagakusho Scholarship students

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MEXT Scholarship recipients are expected to have "Student" status of residence. Successful applicants need to have obtained this status by the date of the first scholarship payment. Recipients who have lost this status must return scholarship funds received for the month during which the change occurred.

Procedures for receiving monthly scholarships

MEXT Scholarship recipients need to sign a ledger at the designated office every month. Payment can be made only after the signature is confirmed by this office. Those who are outside of Japan for an entire month, or on extended leave of absence, will not be paid for that period.

Signatures must be written by the recipients themselves, and may not be substituted with seal imprints. Any scholarship received as a result of incorrect procedures must be returned to the provider.

Extension of scholarship

Eligible students will receive notice of scholarship extension procedures in or around November from the International Education and Student Mobility Division, via the administrative offices of their Faculties/Graduate Schools.

All inquiries regarding these procedures should be directed to:
Faculty and Graduate School administrative offices

Return air tickets

Those eligible for a return air ticket should submit their applications at least two months prior to the intended date of departure. The ticket will have a fixed date and be not cashable. Tickets will be issued by travel agencies designated by MEXT, and delivered to students via Kyoto University.

Further details are available by contacting:
the administrative offices of individual Faculties/Graduate Schools .