Student discount for public transportation

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Student discount for public transportation is generally for regular (degree-seeking) students and not applicable for non-regular (non-degree seeking) students.

Student Pass (TsugakuTeiki-ken)

Regular students are eligible to purchase a student commuter pass at bus, train and subway station counters. To purchase the pass, students must present their student ID and the certificate " Tsugaku Shomeisho ," which certifies that they commute to and from the university. The Tsugaku Shomeisho can be obtained from the automated document-dispensing machines at several locations on campus.

Non-regular students, who are not eligible for a student pass, are recommended to use pre-paid coupon tickets or a commuter's pass.

Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau offers a student discount pass to exchange students who request the discount in advance through their universities. This student discount applies only to Kyoto Municipal Bus and Subway. The application can be made at the International Education and Student Mobility Division for KUINEP students, or at faculty/graduate school offices for general exchange students.

Other student discount

Regular students can use a student discount certificate for Japan Railways (JR) on trips exceeding 101km one way. The certificate is available from the dispensing machine on campus. Other trains, ferries, and buses may also accept the certificate, so students should ask the relevant transportation provider in advance. Student discount applies only to the standard fare and not to express, sleeper car, or Green tickets.

In addition, both regular and non-regular students are eligible for JR's special tickets such as the "Shuyu Kippu " excursion ticket and the " Seishun 18 Kippu" ticket. Information is available at JR reception desk.