Operations and future plans

Vision and long-term goals

Future paradigm

We will place emphasis on research at the wellspring of disciplinary knowledge, advance cutting-edge, original research, enhance our role as a hub for research of the highest global standard, and cultivate individuals capable of assuming leadership positions and making important contributions to many fields of social life, all while upholding "academic freedom" supported by high ethical standards.

Long-term goals

  1. We will enrich education in both faculties and graduate schools, enhancing the structure and comprehensiveness of educational curricula at both levels and raising the mobility of students from faculties to graduate schools as well as between Kyoto University and different universities. We will also facilitate participation in short- and long-term study at universities outside Japan in order to foster cosmopolitan outlooks.
  2. In the faculties, we will deliver education that equips each student with broad outlooks, academic sophistication, language proficiency, and fundamental knowledge in their field of specialization. For this purpose we will devise means such as small classes and build finely-tuned educational systems.
  3. In the graduate schools, we will pursue the highest global standards of research and endeavor to foster motivated and creative researchers capable of playing active roles internationally. We will also work to cultivate high-level professionals.
  4. We will welcome talented researchers regardless of age, gender, or nationality, and create an environment that brings out the best in these researchers in both research and education.
  5. We will advance education and research that involves graduate schools, faculties, research institutes and centers working in concert and tackling new fields of academic endeavor. For this purpose we will adopt flexible approaches to reorganization, amalgamation and establishment of new organizations within the university.
  6. We will enable organic collaboration across the Yoshida, Uji and Katsura campuses, explore schemes for the establishment of a city-center campus, and pursue deeper connections with the locality of Kyoto and measures to capitalize on the distinctive features of this locality.
  7. We will develop support structures across all areas of research and education at the university, and enhance not only research and teaching facilities, but also library systems and information technology infrastructure, welfare services, and other organizations and facilities that support research and education.

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