Certificates for graduates and other former students

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Graduation certificates, academic transcripts, withdrawal certificates, and other academic records

These documents are available by using the Certificate Issuance Service (paid) or applying to a faculty or graduate school office (free of charge).

Using the Certificate Issuance Service (paid)

This service allows eligible current and former students to apply online for the issuance of certificates and receive their requested documents at convenience stores in Japan using multifunction printers. Digital certificates (PDF files) can also be obtained online.

The service login page can be accessed via this page.

Service details are specified in the following:
Types of certificates that can be issued by the Certificate Issuance Service and who is eligible to use the service (for graduates, etc).

Note: Non-regular students, such as credited auditors, auditing students, and research students, are not eligible to use this service.

Requesting documents from a faculty or graduate school office (free of charge)

Certificates can also be obtained by applying to a relevant faculty or graduate school office.

Please note that issuance of a certificate may take several days, and applications cannot be accepted over the phone.

Click here for faculty/graduate school office contact information.

Graduate degree certificates (master's, professional, and doctoral)

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