Student commuter pass (Tsugaku Teiki-ken) and student discount coupon (Gakuwari-sho)

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Kyoto University students are eligible to purchase a commuter pass at a discount if it is to be used for traveling to and from the university.

A student-rate commuter pass can be purchased only for the shortest route between the station nearest the user's residential address and the one nearest the Kyoto University campus to which he or she commutes.


How to purchase

Students are required to present the following documents when purchasing a student commuter pass.

  • Tsugaku Shomeisho (certificate of commuter status) (available from certificate-issuing machines)
  • Student ID Card
  • A commuter pass purchase form (available at the commuter pass counter at transportation facilities)

About Tsugaku Shomeisho (certificate of commuter status)

A Tsugaku Shomeisho states, among other details, the student's current residential address and the campus to which he or she belongs. Those who have found any outdated or incorrect information in their Tsugaku Shomeisho are requested to promptly report the issue to the Student Affairs Section of their faculty or graduate school.


A warning against improper purchases

Purchasing a commuter pass that does not cover the user's actual commute route, or for any other purpose than commuting to the university (such as for extracurricular activities or part-time work), constitutes a violation of the rules for purchasing a student commuter pass, and is not tolerated under any circumstances.

In addition to resulting in a substantial fine imposed on the offender him-/herself, such a violation could lead to restrictions on the sale of commuter passes to Kyoto University students in general, so should definitely be avoided.


Purchasing a commuter pass for attending seminars

Students desiring a commuter pass for use between the railway station nearest their home and the one nearest an off-campus seminar venue are asked to contact the Student Affairs Section of their faculty or graduate school.

Using a student discount coupon (student travel discount certificate)

Student discount coupons are aimed at helping ease some of the financial burdens associated with academic pursuits, so as to contribute to the promotion of school education in general; in other words, they are not actually supposed to be used for whatever purpose the student wishes, even within the annual quota allocated to him/her. As such, use of discount coupons is limited, in principle, to cases where the student needs to travel for one of the following purposes.

  • Going home for the holidays or other occasions
  • For academic activities conducted as part of the regular curriculum
  • For extra-curricular academic activities
  • For school entrance examinations or job interviews
  • To go on a study tour or attend an event
  • To receive medical treatment for illness or injury
  • To accompany parents or guardians on their travel

How to obtain the coupon

Student discount coupons are available from certificate-issuing machines.

Annual quota

Each student is entitled to 15 coupons per year. Those who have valid reasons to request issuance of more than their annual quota should contact the Student Affairs Section of their faculty or graduate school.


Scope of discounts

A discount coupon grants a 20-percent reduction on the fare (boarding ticket only) for a ride that exceeds 100 working kilometers one way.


Applicable transportation services

Student discount coupons are issued by Japan Railway (JR) companies for use with their services, but may be accepted by some other transportation companies as well. Please inquire at the company in question about its policies before purchasing its ticket.


  • Each student discount coupon is valid for three months from the date of issue.
  • Students are required to present their Student ID Card when purchasing rail tickets.
  • Students using a discounted train ticket are expected to carry their Student ID Card with them and be ready to present it upon request by railway officials.
  • Improper use of a discount ticket, such as giving it to another person, would result in a substantial fine and suspension or termination of the discount privilege for the offender (and possibly even for the university itself), so should definitely be avoided.