Graduate School of Informatics

Informatics is the study of information in natural and artificial systems. The Graduate School of Informatics approaches the field from the following three areas: 1) the interface with humans and society, 2) mathematical modeling and simulations, and 3) information systems. Its studies encompass the human, social, biological, linguistic, computational, algorithmic, control theoretic, mathematical and mechanical aspects of information, as well as computer science, systems science and communications engineering.
The Graduate School of Informatics comprises 6 departments and currently has 130 full-time faculty members, 75 staff members and 583 graduate students, including 11 international faculty members and 110 international students.
The school is distinguished by its strength in research and the quality of its curriculum. The graduate school now offers three international degree courses taught and administered entirely in English. The Collaborative Graduate Program in Design was launched in April 2013 by the Graduate School of Informatics in collaboration with the Graduate Schools of Engineering, Education, and Management. The program aims to cultivate “+ shaped people,” who can cooperate with those outside of their own areas of specialization to produce innovative and creative results. Through this program and other initiatives, the school seeks to strengthen students’ leadership skills and provide them with opportunities to build international networks.