Faculty of Engineering/Graduate School of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering is the largest faculty of Kyoto University. It is composed of six departments: Global Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Informatics and Mathematical Science, and Industrial Chemistry. Collectively, these departments cover practically all fields of engineering. The faculty aims to cultivate engineering specialists with the ability to grasp scientific concepts through their own perception and perspective, unbound by preconceptions, and who will go on to be pioneers in new and emerging fields of technology.
The Graduate School consists of 17 departments and 7 centers that cover a very broad range of research, from fundamental theoretical studies in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology to the development of new engineering technologies. The successful results yielded by the school’s approach to research have been acknowledged internationally, and several of its researchers have received prestigious awards, including the Nobel Prize.
The school’s facilities at Katsura Campus, opened in 2003 as the third campus of Kyoto University, provide training geared toward developing creative research and development skills. In addition to operating educational programs, the facilities at the new campus actively collaborate with the industrial sector, and aim to produce innovative, cutting-edge science and technology which will benefit society.
In 2008, two integrated master’s-doctoral courses were launched: the Integrated Engineering Course is an interdisciplinary course with a focus on exploring newly combined fields of engineering, while the Advanced Engineering Course focuses on fundamental science. Both courses are geared to educate skilled professionals in new fields of engineering.