Graduate School of Biostudies

As a world-class research center in the field of life sciences, the Graduate School of Biostudies aims to educate graduate students who will be able to make major contributions to the development of basic and applied sciences. The graduate school consists of two divisions: the Division of Integrated Life Science (ILS) and the Division of Systemic Life Science (SLS). The ILS laboratories investigate the fundamental mechanisms of cell structure, cell growth, intracellular signal cascades, plant physiology and totipotency, as well as communicative mechanisms between cells, organisms, and their environments. The SLS laboratories focus on higher order mechanisms such as the brain and immune system, and explore the fundamental molecular mechanisms of human diseases in search of new treatments for currently incurable diseases.
Students are provided with as many opportunities as possible to learn solid scientific methodologies in class, and to experience every level of the research procedure: from the planning and conducting of experiments, to the analysis and presentation of data and the composition of academic papers. Through this experience, students learn essential research skills, and gain the ability to contribute to society as a highly experienced specialist in their chosen field.