Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The mission of the Faculty and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to establish a global centre for innovative drug discovery and development, and the optimization of pharmacotherapy. The faculty and graduate school originated as the Division of Pharmacy in the Faculty of Medicine in 1939, expanding steadily in response to advances in the life sciences and society’s ever-greater demands on healthcare. Presently, the school consists of twenty one departments, eight collaborative departments, two endowed chairs and four affiliated institutions. The faculty and graduate school currently offer three majors: Pharmaceutical sciences, Biomedical sciences, and Bioinformatics and chemical genomics. The three majors cover research and teaching in all key areas of the pharmaceutical sciences. The elucidation of the human genome sequence has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the physiology of the human body and disease mechanisms at a molecular level. The resulting rapid progress in genomic science has led to revolutionary advances in drug discovery and development.
Through its curricula at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the school aims to train world leaders in the pharmaceutical sciences. In accordance with this mission, the education programs cover not only the basic sciences, but also specialized sciences associated with industrial drug discovery and development, the theorization of pharmacotherapy theories at medical institutions, and the science behind governmental pharmaceutical regulations.
As the accumulated knowledge and new technologies produced by the pharmaceutical sciences increase and the field continues to play an increasingly important role in internationalization, society’s awareness of its importance is also rising. Accordingly, the Faculty and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences seeks to expand its horizons and develop new cooperative links with in the medicine and information technology fields in order to implement its academic theories and contribute to a healthier world.