Graduate School of Energy Science

Securing energy resources and conserving the environment are the issues most important for the sustainable development of humanity. To tackle energy and environmental problems, the Graduate School of Energy Science was founded in 1996, as a combined effort spanning a wide-range of academic areas. We are comprised of members from the departments of Socio- Environmental Energy Science, Fundamental Energy Science, Energy Conversion Science, and Energy Science and Technology, with faculty members who are specialists in engineering, science, agriculture and economics among other related fields. Our aim is to deepen the scope of the energy sciences, to further develop technologies for energy and the environment, to cultivate excellent human resources specializing in energy and the environment, and to make positive contributions to society.

The Graduate School has been engaged in the Kyoto University Global COE Program, “Energy Science in the Age of Global Warming – Toward a CO2 Zero-Emission Energy System” since 2008. Through this program, and by offering a global-minded outlook and research platform, we seek to develop a CO2 zero-emission society, no longer dependent on fossil fuels.

In addition to the International Doctoral Program in Energy Science offered since 2001, the International Energy Science Course Master’s Program began in 2010. These programs are conducted in English.