Faculty of Medicine/Graduate School of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to improving human welfare through the advancement of both basic and clinical medical sciences. The faculty welcomes independentminded individuals with diverse abilities and educational backgrounds who seek to become leading research scientists and supervisors in clinical research. Students will refine their medical expertise and clinical know-how to become exemplary care providers and researchers with the ability to combine basic and clinical medicine. The faculty’s mission is to support collaboration between leading research specialists in diverse fields and further the development of medical sciences.
The Graduate School of Medicine currently offers four majors: Medicine, Medical Science, Public Health and Human Health Science. The school provides students with an insight into leading-edge clinical science, with each major comprising a broad array of programs covering virtually all aspects of medical research, including basic, clinical and social medicine, and medical technology.
In 2006, our graduate course amalgamated six majors into one, removing the traditional barriers between them. In addition, the school has established cross-disciplinary educational courses which provide specialized training programs for researchers. As the number of fields of specialization increases, researchers are expected to be well trained across a broad range of interests. The Faculty and Graduate School of Medicine aims to guide students to understand and appreciate the philosophy and social implications of medical research, and prepare them to become leading international clinicians and researchers.