Faculty of Education/Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education aims to provide students with the professional methodologies, broad perspective, critical thinking tools and research competencies required to address the educational issues of our society. The graduate school seeks to cultivate professionals in the field of education who will contribute to the establishment of a harmonious global society, and who have insight and understanding regarding people of diverse backgrounds. To accomplish these goals, the graduate school offers varied programs to stimulate and support students’ research activities, and provides an environment which emphasizes field experiences and tangible theories with a bearing on daily practices. An emphasis is also placed on a crossdisciplinary and international approach.
The Graduate School of Education consists of two divisions; the Division of Educational Studies and the Division of Clinical Studies of Education. The former is committed to conducting research in fields such as the philosophy and history of education, human lifelong development and learning, and the social and global environment surrounding education. It aims to produce experts with broad geographical and historical perspectives who can improve our understanding of human nature and enhance human education and learning. The Division of Clinical Studies of Education aims to train clinical psychologists with the knowledge required to effectively address the psychological issues faced by many individuals in contemporary society and educators with a deep knowledge of human beings and their relationships, who have the skills to reconstruct educational environments to meet the needs of various situations and conditions. The division covers the fields of pedagogy and psychology, and offers programs focusing on clinical issues of the human mind and mentality.