Courses available to KUINEP students

In other languages

Subjects and requirements

Courses available to KUINEP students span a broad range of disciplines, including environmental studies, physics, economics, politics, and social studies. Some of the subjects covered offer a fresh perspective on Japan, while others address topical global problems. Each course usually carries two university credits.

Beginning with spring 2020 enrollment, KUINEP students are required to take at least seven courses per semester. This may include up to two Japanese language classes (credited). Available courses include those in the liberal arts and sciences taught in English (KUINEP courses). Details are provided at:

They can also take courses offered by undergraduate faculties with the lecturers' permission. Courses from the Faculty of Medicine are not open to exchange students.

Japanese-language courses

ILAS offers Japanese-language learning courses on three levels (elementary, intermediate, and advanced). Placement is made based on an online test to be taken before enrollment. Some of these courses are credited, while others are not.

KUINEP students may take a maximum of six courses per semester (or seven including one focused on kanji ), each worth two official credits.

Grades for credited courses will be included in the official transcript issued at the end of each semester. Evaluation will be based on classroom performance and examination results. Further details are provided in course syllabi.