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Kyoto University offers two incoming exchange programs — both accepting students from institutions with a university-level exchange agreement — for one semester (6 months) or two (12 months) in Kyoto. Application guides for both programs are sent out to partner institutions in June and December.

Applications should be submitted to Kyoto University through the home institution's international office; direct applications from students will not be accepted. The application deadline is February for October enrollment, and September for enrollment in April of the following year.

1. Kyoto University International Education Program (KUINEP)

This program enables undergraduates from partner universities to study in English.

Beginning with spring 2020 enrollment, participants are required to register for at least seven courses per semester, mostly from the Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS). This may include up to two Japanese language classes (credited). They can also take courses offered by undergraduate faculties, including those taught in Japanese, subject to approval from the lecturers in charge.

Each course usually comprises two hours of lecture time per week, and carries two credits.

2. Kyoto University General Exchange (GE) Program (enrollment status: GEA or GESR)

In this program, students either take Japanese-taught courses from the Kyoto University Faculties or Graduate Schools to which they are affiliated (as "General Exchange Special Auditors", or GEAs), or conduct research under academic supervisors without attending classroom lectures (as "General Exchange Special Research Students", or GESRs).

Beginning with spring 2020 enrollment, undergraduate GEAs must take at least seven courses per semester. This may include up to two Japanese language classes. The requirement for postgraduate GEAs is four courses, not including Japanese language classes, as in previous semesters.

In the case of GESRs — an enrollment status available only to graduate students — language requirements depend entirely on their supervisors.

Japanese-language classes

Both KUINEP and General Exchange Program students are eligible to take Japanese-language courses from ILAS' Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture. Some are included in the regular curriculum and credited, while others are not. GESRs may take non-credited courses only, while KUINEP students and GEAs may take credited ones only (this applies to those enrolling in the 2023 Fall semester or later).

Grades for the credited Japanese-language courses taken will be included in the official transcript, with two official credits awarded for each.


If you are interested in the above programs and currently enrolled at a university with a student exchange agreement with Kyoto University, please contact the appropriate office at your institution.