Short-term international students

New system for student exchange: short-term international students

In the year of 2010, Kyoto University has established a new system for short-term international students in order to further promote international exchange.
It is our hope that this new system will provide improved opportunities for mutual student exchange between Kyoto University and your institution.

Outline of "short-term international students"

1. Short-term international students

The new category of "short-term international student" has been introduced at Kyoto University in order to promote short-term mutual exchanges of students with overseas universities. As with regular students, short-term international students will receive academic guidance from Kyoto University faculty, and will have access to the university's excellent facilities, including its libraries and on campus local area network (LAN). They are not eligible to register for regular courses and receive academic credits, but they may be able to audit such courses depending on class sizes.

Short-term international students will be hosted by a faculty, graduate school or research institute at Kyoto University. Upon completion of their studies at Kyoto University, short-term international students will receive a certificate from their host faculty, graduate school or research institute. (The details of the certificate, such as its content and the certification requirements must be arranged in advance.)

2. Eligibility

Applicants must be enrolled at a non-Japanese university as undergraduate or graduate students. The maximum period of study at Kyoto University is three months. (The period may be extended under special conditions.)

3. Application procedure

Applications for the above program should be made on the student's behalf by their academic department at their home institution. The department should contact the prospective host department at Kyoto University directly. (Please do not send applications to Kyoto University's Foreign Student Division.) Short-term international students must be admitted by the dean of a faculty, graduate school or research institute of Kyoto University. In general, students should apply to academic departments which are relevant to their major field of study.

Contact details for faculty admission offices are available at the following

4. Tuition, matriculation, and other fees

There is no matriculation fee for short-term international students. The tuition fee is 29,700 yen per month. Additional fees may be charged to cover the costs of experiments and special training.

Tuition and other fees should be paid in full by the designated due date, otherwise the offer of admission may be revoked. Tuition and other fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

5. Tuition waiver

Short-term international students accepted under inter-university agreements will not be charged tuition. (Limited to agreements for the mutual exchange of students, including the General Memorandum for Academic Cooperation and Exchange and agreements between faculties, graduate schools and research institutes.)

6. Accommodation and living costs

Due to limited availability, we are unable to guarantee university dormitory accommodation for short-term international students. Please discuss accommodation availability with the host faculty, graduate school or research institute. Renting an apartment for a short-term stay in Kyoto costs approximately 80,000 – 100,000 yen per month. Additional living expenses are approximately 70,000 yen per month. Please advise your students to plan their finances appropriately.

7. Insurance

Short-term international students are responsible for covering the costs of any medical treatment they may require. Students are required to purchase international travel and health insurance before traveling to Japan. Students should take appropriate precautions to cover emergency medical expenses or damage compensation.