Short-term international students

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1. Short-term international students

"Short-term international students" engage in short-term mutual exchanges with overseas universities. At Kyoto University, the maximum period of study is three months, which may be extended under special circumstances.

Short-term international students receive academic guidance from the University's faculty and have access to its facilities. They are not eligible to enroll in courses for academic credit but may be allowed to audit courses depending on class sizes.

Admission as a short-term student can be obtained through either of the following:

  • An individual supervisor or laboratory
  • A special short-term program

2. General eligibility requirements

Applicants must be enrolled in a non-Japanese university’s undergraduate or graduate program.

Eligibility requirements for special short-term programs may vary by program. Please check the program webpages linked below.

3. Application process

Admission through an individual supervisor or laboratory

  1. Decide which department (such as an undergraduate faculty, graduate school, or research institute) to apply to and then find a prospective supervisor, such as by searching the following:
    Activity Database on Education and Research
  2. Inquire with the administrative office of the preferred department about the possibility of enrollment as a short-term international student; please note that not all departments accept this type of enrollment.
  3. Contact the prospective supervisor to obtain acceptance.
  4. Submit application documents, which may include a letter of recommendation and approval from the home institution.
  5. Enter Kyoto University after successfully completing all the required procedures.

Admission through a special short-term program

Please visit the links provided below.   

Special short-term programs at KyotoU

Kyoto University Amgen Scholars Program (Short Summer Program)

The Amgen Scholars Program at Kyoto University is eight weeks of intensive research in the sciences. Amgen Scholars will be assigned to one of Kyoto University departments or interdisciplinary areas that traditionally support science and biotechnology research.

iCeMS Internship Program

Kyoto University's Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) is offering a research experience opportunity for undergraduate students who aspire to enter graduate school at Kyoto University and who are interested in exploring the intersection of life and matter or creating new materials inspired by life's phenomena. Please visit the above webpage for details.

Kyoto Summer Program: Seminar for multicultural studies "Watch, listen and learn @ Kyoto – From accepting various cultures to transmitting your own"

This annual summer program is open to both international students from partner universities around the world* and students from Kyoto University. Participants will experience the University's unique academic culture and cutting-edge research while deepening their appreciation of Japanese culture and gaining insights into the social, scientific, and ecological issues confronting the country. The curriculum is designed to provide international students with a foundation on which to develop their relationship with both Japan and the University while helping Japanese students expand their engagement in international activities.
*Partner universities are those with an academic cooperation or student exchange agreement with Kyoto University.

Primatology and Wildlife Science Short-Term Internship Program

This program welcomes students from foreign institutions at all stages of their careers and with an interest in primatology and wildlife science research at Kyoto University. Participants will receive training and conduct research at the Center for the Evolutionary Origins of Human Behavior (EHUB), Wildlife Research Center (WRC), and other related departments.

4. Tuition

The tuition fee is 29,700 yen per month. Additional fees may be charged to cover the costs of experiments and special training.

Tuition waiver

Tuition is waived for those admitted under inter-university agreements (limited to the General Memorandum for Academic Cooperation and Exchange and other student exchange agreements concluded between faculties, graduate schools, and research institutes).

5. Accommodation and living costs

For those admitted through an individual supervisor or laboratory

Kyoto University is unable to guarantee dormitory accommodation due to limited availability. It is therefore recommended that students discuss accommodation availability with their host faculty, graduate school, or research institute. The cost of renting an apartment for a short-term stay in Kyoto ranges from 80,000 to 100,000 yen per month. Additionally, monthly living expenses are estimated to be around 70,000 yen.

For those admitted through a special short-term program

Accommodation may be available depending on the program. Please check the program webpages for details.

6. Insurance

Short-term international students are responsible for covering the costs of any medical treatment they may require. They must therefore purchase international travel and health insurance before traveling to Japan.

Students are also asked to take additional precautions to cover emergency medical expenses or compensation for damages.