NTT, KDDI, and Softbank are among the major telephone companies in Japan. Services vary from company to company. For details, please check the company websites before application.

Cell phones

Cell phone companies provide diverse services and products. You can check the details of services and make an application at cell phone shops throughout the city. The documents required vary from company to company, but the most frequently requested items are a Resident Card (Alien Registration Card), passport, Student ID, National Health Insurance Card, and an account book, ATM card, or credit card.


Internet users must subscribe to an internet service providers. Some internet providers offer an IP telephone service. Kyoto University Co-op accepts applications to the internet providers such as Seikyou Internet (Co-op).

Residential telephone

In Japan, NTT is the main telephone company offering residential telephone services. However, in order to install an NTT telephone line, a subscription fee and contract fee (approx. 40,000 yen) are charged. For residential telephones, an increasing number of students use other telephone companies or IP (Internet Protocol) phones which tend to be cheaper, or choose not to install a residential telephone. To apply for a service, please call or visit the telephone company office.

Public phones

For domestic calls, public phones can be used by inserting 10 yen, 100 yen coins and/or telephone cards. Phone cards are purchasable at Kyoto University Co-op, convenience stores etc. Public phones from which it is possible to make an international call are marked with an "International Phone" sign.

International calls

Depending on the telephone company, charges as well as the countries/regions to which calls can be made vary. Many students use prepaid cards for international calls which offer the services at lower rates.