Katsura Campus Cluster B

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Photograph of Cluster A from Cluster B.
Large display screen atop the "B Cluster" Katsura Monument
  • The Katsura Monument stands at the hub of the Katsura Campus, the Campus Community Plaza in what’s called the Common Facilities Zone of Cluster B. The monument symbolizes the center of the Katsura Campus. The slim, 31m-high pillar, measuring 2 m in width, was erected to remind future generations about the science and technology of the early 21st century. The monument is built of pre-cast concrete, which has a durability rivaling steel. At the uppermost part is a clock with a clock face identical to the one on the Yoshida Campus Clock Tower. On all four sides of the pillar immediately below the clock are installed vertical screens of blue, red and green light emitting diodes.
Katsura Campus Administration Building
Katsura Hall
Katsura Intech Center Techno-amenity Laboratory (anechoic laboratory)
  • Katsura Intech Center is one of the core buildings of the Katsura Campus. It aims to be a center for advanced academic research for creating new technologies of international significance, through engineering-based interdisciplinary applied research by researchers from the Graduate School of Engineering who share expertise and knowledge across various fields and specialties. To fulfill this role, Katsura Intech Center incorporates the Graduate School of Engineering’s Intech Laboratory as well as the Advanced Research Institute.
Campus Service Center
Health management center