Katsura Campus Cluster A

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Cluster A
Cluster A
Communication Square
Glass wall in the Chemistry Library on the B1 floor of the A2 Building
  • Every year new names are added to the list of Nobel laureates in chemistry etched into the glass. It is hoped that this will inspire young scholars to strive toward adding their own names to the list.
Lobby on the 3rd floor of the A2 Building
Cafeteria "Half Moon Garden" (Exterior)
Cafeteria "Half Moon Garden" (Interior)
Cafeteria "Half Moon Garden" (In use)
Technical slits
  • In the laboratory buildings, permanent structural elements such as pillars and beams (the building's "skeleton"), were designed and constructed separately from the interior structures such as partitions, wiring, plumbing and interior décor (the "infill). This means that the interior elements can be easily altered or rearranged and the building can adapt flexibly to future changes in function, equipment and facilities. So as not to mar the exterior of the building, pipes and ducts for laboratory equipment are kept out of sight in under-floor pits and external "technical slits".