Tuition and admission fee exemption policies from FY 2009

About tuition and admission fee exemption policies

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10 December 2008

Beginning in FY 2009, Kyoto University's policies on tuition and admission fee exemptions (including those pertaining to the Kyoto University Special Quota) will be revised as follows.

1. With regards to scholarships with no repayment obligation, the amount received during the fiscal year in which the student applies for an exemption shall be calculated into his/her total annual income.

2. With regards to the eligibility criteria focused on academic performance, newly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (including those who have newly entered a doctoral program after completing a master's or professional-degree program at Kyoto University) shall be deemed to have satisfied all of them upon passing the entrance examination.

3. With regards to income from part-time jobs, all of the income earned from such jobs shall be treated as the applicant's employment income.

Please note that these revisions may result in some applicants receiving a different exemption result from what they did, or would have done, in FY 2008.