Procedures for receiving monthly scholarships (Japanese Government Scholarship, Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship, and Honors Scholarship)

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In order to receive a monthly scholarship, students need to sign the International Students Enrollment Ledger at the International Student Mobility Division during the period specified below. Payment can only be made to those whose signatures are confirmed by the International Student Mobility Division. Signatures must be written by the recipients themselves, and may not be substituted with seal imprints. Any scholarship received following an incorrect procedure must be returned to the provider.

The latest scholarship signing/payment schedule is provided in the table below (for Honors Scholarship recipients, the first signing period begins in June).

Please note that students who are outside the country for an entire month will not be paid for that period.

Also note that all these scholarship programs require that recipients have "College Student" residence status; students must have obtained this status before the first payment day. Recipients who have lost this status will become ineligible for further payments, and must return any amount received after the change occurred.

Signing and payment schedule for April 2021 – March 2022

  1st signing period 1st payment day 2nd signing period 2nd payment day
April 2021 1-12 Apr 28 Apr 13-30 Apr 20 May
May 2021 6-12 May 27 May 13-31 May 15 Jun
June 2021 1-7 Jun 22 Jun 8-30 Jun 15 Jul
July 2021 1-7 Jul 26 Jul 8-30 Jul 17 Aug
August 2021 2-5 Aug 24 Aug 6-31 Aug 13 Sep
September 2021 1-3 Sep 17 Sep 6-30 Sep 15 Oct
October 2021 1-12 Oct 28 Oct 13-29 Oct 16 Nov
November 2021 1-8 Nov 24 Nov 9-30 Nov 15 Dec
December 2021 1-7 Dec 22 Dec 8-28 Dec 21 Jan
January 2022 4-12 Jan 28 Jan 13-31 Jan 16 Feb
February 2022 1-7 Feb 24 Feb 8-28 Feb 11 Mar
March 2022 1-3 Mar 17 Mar 4-31 Mar 15 Apr

The schedule for April 2022 onward will be posted in late March 2022.