Procedures for receiving monthly scholarships (Japanese Government Scholarship, Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship, and Honors Scholarship)

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In order to receive a monthly scholarship, students need to sign the International Students Enrollment Ledger at the designated university offices (see below) once a month during the periods specified. Payment can only be made to those whose signatures are confirmed by the International Student Division. Please note that students who are outside the country for an entire month will not be paid for that period.

Monthly stipend recipients intending to temporarily leave Japan are required to follow specific procedures, as outlined below in Temporary departure from Japan.

The latest scholarship signing/payment schedule is provided in the table below.

Signatures must be written by the recipients themselves, and may not be substituted with seal imprints. Any scholarship received following an incorrect procedure must be returned to the provider.

Recipients of the Japanese Government, Japan-Korea Joint, and Honors Scholarships are required to have 'student' status of residence. They must have obtained this status by the date of the first scholarship payment and maintain it throughout the payment period. Recipients whose resident status has changed to anything other than 'student' will lose eligibility for the scholarship and be required to follow a specific procedure to have the payments terminated. Any amount received after losing eligibility must be returned to the provider.

Signing and payment schedule for April 2022 – March 2023

  1st signing period 1st payment day 2nd signing period 2nd payment day
April 2022* 1-13 Apr 28 Apr 14-28 Apr 20 May
May 2022* 2-12 May 27 May 13-31 May 15 Jun
June 2022 1-7 Jun 22 Jun 8-30 Jun 15 Jul
July 2022 1-7 Jul 25 Jul 8-29 Jul 16 Aug
August 2022 1-5 Aug 23 Aug 8-31 Aug 13 Sep
September 2022 1-5 Sep 20 Sep 6-30 Sep 17 Oct
October 2022 3-13 Oct 28 Oct 14-31 Oct 16 Nov
November 2022 1-8 Nov 24 Nov 9-30 Nov 15 Dec
December 2022 1-7 Dec 22 Dec 8-28 Dec 23 Jan
January 2023 4-13 Jan 30 Jan 16-31 Jan 15 Feb
February 2023 1-7 Feb 22 Feb 8-28 Feb 13 Mar
March 2023 1-3 Mar 17 Mar 6-31 Mar 17 Apr

* In April and May, Honors Scholarship students must sign the ledger at the administrative office of their faculty/graduate school instead of at the above offices, where the procedure for those students does not begin until June.

The schedule for April 2023 onward will be posted in late March 2023.

Designated office locations and hours

For those on the Yoshida, Yoshida North, Yoshida-South, and Faculty of Medicine Campuses

  • Office: International Student Support Section, International Student Division (ISD)
  • Location: Yoshida International House, basement floor, Yoshida-South Campus
  • Hours*: 9:00–17:00 from Monday through Friday (except on holidays) 

For those on the Uji Campus

  • Office: Research Collaboration Division, Uji Campus Administration Office
  • Location: Uji Campus Main Bldg E, second floor, Uji Campus
  • Hours*: 8:30–12:00 and 13:00–17:00 from Monday through Friday (except on holidays)

For those on the Katsura Campus

  • Office: Foreign Student Section, Educational Affairs Division, Katsura Campus (Graduate School of Engineering) Administration Office
  • Location: Katsura Campus Administration Bldg, ground floor, B Cluster, Katsura Campus
  • Hours*: 9:00–17:00 from Monday through Friday (except on holidays)

* Office hours are subject to change. During the summer, winter, and spring breaks, for example, the ISD office on the Yoshida-South Campus closes for lunch each day between 12:00 and 13:00. Please contact the office in charge of your campus for accurate and up-to-date information.

Office closure days

Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, University Foundation Day (18 June), Summer Holidays (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the third week of August [15, 16, and 17 in 2022]) and the New Year break (29 December – 3 January)

Please note that the 2022 Katsura Campus office closure days also include Thursday–Friday 18–19 August.

Temporary departure from Japan

As noted above, signing the enrollment ledger during the specified period is required in order to receive a monthly stipend. Accordingly, students intending to temporarily leave Japan are advised to consider the signing schedule and other important dates when making travel plans. The following are required procedures prior to traveling:

  1. Obtain permission from the academic advisor
  2. Report to the faculty/graduate school office and submit required documents
  3. Report to the International Student Division by emailing:
    intlstudent* (replace * with @) 

Faculty and Graduate School administrative offices