Handbook for International Students

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  1. Important Notes on Campus Life (297KB)
  2. Quick Reference for Procedures (293KB)
  3. Introduction (330KB)
  4. Legal Procedures (350KB)
  5. Student Life (320KB)
  6. Facilities on Campus (294KB)
  7. Information and Consultation for International Students (318KB)
  8. Housing Information(294KB)
  9. Health and Safety (306KB)
  10. Daily Life (316KB)
  11. When Graduating or Withdrawing from the University (295KB)
  12. References
    12-1. Official Clubs and Circles (297KB)
    12-2. Scholarships Applied for Through the University(322KB)
    12-3. Administration Office Contacts (2.92MB)
    12-4. Kyoto City/Ward Offices and Uji City Hall Maps (309KB)
    12-5. Transportation among Campuses

    Campus Maps and Location of Administration Offices (2.62MB)

    12-6. Consultation for International Students

    Information Security at Kyoto University
    Useful Information (1.41MB)

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