Sensei Theater

Kyoto University's faculty consists of over 3,000 researchers. This video series showcases what some of them do, and what they are like. Featured are 40 sensei from numerous research and teaching departments, discussing their work in ways that highlight their personalities. Visit the page below to get to know some of these unique people.

Alumni profiles: "Free Thinkers"

Since its early days in the late 1800s, Kyoto University has produced a great number of outstanding international alumni. Learn about what some of them have gone on to do since graduation.

Kyoto U Research News Express (KURNe)

In KURNe we feature some of the latest cutting-edge research from Kyoto University in short bite-size clips. Hear directly from the researchers about their latest results and how it can change our world.

Kyoto U Research News Bookshelves

Take a look inside the offices and bookshelves of Kyoto U's prominent academics in the spin-off series KURN Bookshelves!

In each episode, a KU professor will talk about their life's work and introduce us to some of the books and materials critical to their topic.