Kyoto University Social Media Policy

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Website Task Force, Kyoto University Public Relations Committee
1 November 2021

This policy describes how Kyoto University (hereinafter the "University") uses its official social media accounts (hereinafter the "accounts"), which are under the management of its General Affairs Department's Public Relations Division (hereinafter "Public Relations"), to communicate information.

1. Purposes of social media use

The University uses social media to publish news, event announcements, and other types of information related to its education, research, and other activities, with the aim of enhancing users' understanding of and interest in it.

2. Accounts

The University accounts currently managed by Public Relations are as follows:

Platform Language Account name and link
Twitter Japanese 京都大学
Twitter English Kyoto University
Facebook Japanese 京都大学(Kyoto University)
Facebook English Kyoto University
Instagram Japanese 京都大学
Instagram English Kyoto University
YouTube Japanese and English Kyoto University

3. Use of accounts

 (1) Content of posts

The University uses its accounts to post information about its education, research, and other activities, taking the utmost caution not to infringe upon the rights of others to privacy, reputation, and likeness as well as their copyrights and trademarks, and to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

 (2) Replies and comments

The University uses its accounts primarily for the purpose of posting information, in principle not replying to or commenting on posts and messages from users. At the same time, it may, without consent, hide or delete user comments or replies that it deems inappropriate or unrelated to the information it posted. It may also block content from users who have posted multiple such comments or replies.

4. Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights to the photographs, illustrations, and written, audio, and video content posted on the accounts shall belong to the University or to their rightful owners.

5. Disclaimer

The University shall make every effort to ensure, but does not guarantee, the accuracy, completeness, and validity of the information posted on its accounts, and shall not bear any responsibility for actions taken by users based on such information.

The University shall not be held responsible for any trouble or conflict that may arise between users and/or third parties in connection with user comments or replies or with any of its accounts.

Under no circumstances shall the University be liable for any damages to users resulting from the use or unavailability of any of its accounts.

The University may suspend one or more of its accounts without prior notice, such as due to a system failure or for maintenance. It may also, without prior notice, close one or more of its accounts for internal reasons.

6. Other

The University's official announcements shall be made on its website and via press releases.

The Kyoto University Social Media Policy is subject to change without prior notice.

7. Additional information

A full list of University social media accounts, including those not managed by Public Relations, is available at:

Social media directory