Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS)

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) comprises approximately 40 faculty members and 20 post-doctoral fellows working in various fields, including pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical physics, and computer science. It also functions as a Joint Usage/Research Center, expanding the frontiers of the mathematical sciences by providing facilities to mathematicians around the world and organizing international research projects. RIMS hosts more than 70 conferences and workshops every year, mostly of an international nature. The proceedings of those academic meetings are published in the journals RIMS Kōkyūroku (ISSN 1880-2818) and RIMS Kōkyūroku Bessatsu (ISSN 1881-6193). RIMS also contributes to graduate-level education through four courses offered at the Graduate School of Science. The international acclaim for the achievements of RIMS has been acknowledged through two Fields Medals, a Gauss Medal, and two Wolf Prizes awarded to RIMS faculty members.