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All KyotoU faculty, staff, and students engaged in research in the life sciences and related fields must strive to maintain ethical conduct and self-discipline as well as complying with the applicable University rules and regulations.

Those wishing to conduct a study involving human subjects must submit a research protocol to the appropriate ethics board for review and approval.

In the case of a project subject to the Ethical Guidelines for Medical and Biological Research Involving Human Subjects (Human Guidelines), the ethics board in charge will be a Medical Ethics Committee. If the researcher's department does not have such a committee, the protocol must be first submitted to the Management Office for Research Regulations, which decides whether the study is covered by the Human Guidelines, in which case it requires a review by a Medical Ethics Committee. Other special cases include clinical trials and other studies subject to the Clinical Trials Act, which must be reviewed by the Certified Clinical Trials Review Board, and projects covered by the "Laws on Securing Safety of Regenerative Medicine, etc.", which require approval from the Certified Special Committee for Regenerative Medicine.

Measures to ensure appropriate review of research protocols that may be subject to the Human Guidelines

Additional Processes in Ethical Review of Research Protocol Involving Human Subjects


Management Office for Research Regulations
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Training courses (e-Learning)

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