Kyoto University's basic policy on military research

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Kyoto University's Mission Statement expresses the University's aim to sustain and develop its historical commitment to academic freedom and pursue harmonious coexistence within the world's human and ecological community by generating world-class knowledge through freedom and autonomy in research that conforms with high ethical standards.

In accordance with the Mission Statement, all persons engaged in research at the University must understand that the research they individually choose to implement, and the outcomes of that research, could potentially impact the future of global society. They are therefore expected to consider the potential impact of their work from all angles, and act with a degree of care and intelligence that is worthy of society's trust and reliance.

The University's research activities are undertaken with the aims of increasing the safety of society and contributing to human well-being and peace. No one at the University is permitted to be involved in military research that threatens those aims.

If concerns arise that any research activities do not comply with this policy, a standing committee established by the president will investigate each case individually.

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