Conflict of interest management

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At Kyoto University, faculty and staff are encouraged to collaborate across sectors and pursue external professional activities with the goal of contributing to society, as well as to take part in research-based business ventures. In fact, such undertakings represent the University's "third mission" following education and research, even while entailing the risk of a conflict of interest, referred to as a "side effect" of external collaboration.

To help its employees develop a correct understanding of this risk and maintain propriety in relationships with external partners, Kyoto University has implemented a number of initiatives, including establishing the Conflict of Interest Management Committee, charged with formulating relevant policies, and the Conflict of Interest Review Committee and the Conflict of Interest Review Committee for Clinical Research, both responsible for reviewing "self-declaration forms" submitted by faculty and staff as reports on external activities.

In addition, the University has established a Conflict of Interest Management Office to support these Committees, organize seminars on related topics, provide counseling, and perform other necessary activities.

Kyoto University's policy and regulations on conflicts of interest

Please note that the English documents below are translations of the Japanese originals, and are provided for reference purposes only. The originals shall always take regulatory precedence.


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