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Become a member of a world-level research team. Kyoto University’s research capabilities are readily available. This page contains information for prospective researchers and professors at KyotoU.

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Employment opportunities at KyotoU

Contact information of Faculties, Graduate Schools and key international administration offices

Find your academic partner (Kyoto U researcher database)

Kyoto University Research Administration Center (KURA)

KURA's Academic Support for funding opportunities and internationalization of research

Central administration offices related to student (and staff) support

Kyoto University International Service Office (visa, housing, life in Japan, and other resources)

The HAKUBI Project


Events for the research community Quick reference for procedures and services Life as a Scholar: Kyoto University and Beyond

Current researchers & professors

If you are a researcher or a professor at KyotoU, in this page you will find useful information on daily life matters, work-related matters, and more.

Getting started and getting around KyotoU

Handbook for International Researchers (2021 Edition)

Before Coming to Japan

Insurance (travel); Income Tax Reduction / Exemption Under Tax Treaties; At the Port of Entry / Departure (Residence Card)

(Handbook Page 2)

Legal Procedures at the City / Ward Office

Resident Registration; "My Number" Social Security and Tax Number System; Public Medical Insurance Policy; High Cost Medical Fees; Premium for the Next Fiscal Year; Public Pension System

(Handbook Pages 4 and 6)

Legal Procedures at the Immigration Bureau

Change of Status of Residence; Extension of Stay; Short Leave from Japan and Re-entry; Notification of the Accepting Organization

(Handbook Page 8)

Legal Procedures for Family

Visa and Status of Residence for Family; When a child is born

(Handbook Page 10)


Kyoto University International Houses and Short-Term Accommodation Facilities for International Researchers

(Handbook Pages 11 and 12)

Kyoto University International Service Office Housing Guidebook (2.06 MB)

Daily Life

Electricity, Gas, Water; Trash Collection; Opening an Account; Cellphones, Internet; Relocation in Japan; Recycle; Rental Furniture and Home Appliances; Interpretation and Counseling Service; Other Information about Daily Life

(Handbook Pages 14 and 16)


Transportation in and around Kyoto; Driver's License; Bicycles; Road Restrictions

(Handbook Pages 18 and 20)

Education (for family members)

Nursery School; Temporary Child Care; Kindergarten; Attending Japanese Schools; International School

(Handbook Page 22)

Japanese Language Education

Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS); Student Lounge 'KI-ZU-NA'; "kokoka" Kyoto International Community House; Other Japanese Classes by Volunteer Staff

(Handbook Page 24)

Health and Safety

When Ill; Kyoto University Health Service (Kyoto University Infirmary); Kyoto University Nursery Room for Sick Children "KOMOMO"; Hospitals Open on Weekends and National Holidays; The Medical Interpreter Dispatch Service; Crime and Disaster Prevention

(Handbook Pages 26 and 28)

Facilities on Campus

University Libraries; The Kyoto University Museum; Kyoto University Research Administration Office (KURA); Institute for Information Management and Communication; Academic Center for Computing & Media Studies (ACCMS)

(Handbook Page 30)

Before Leaving Japan

Necessary Procedures; Housing; At Kyoto University; Closure of Accounts; Pension Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments; International Moving / Sending Parcels

(Handbook Page 32)

Information Security at Kyoto University

(Handbook Page 34)

Research Compliance

Keeping the highest ethical standards in research.

(Handbook Page 34)

Research compliance & ethics

Transportation Options and Access to Kyoto City and Kyoto University

Kyoto University intercampus shuttle bus

(Handbook Pages 35 – 37)

Kyoto University Campus Maps

(Handbook Pages 38 – 44)

Administration Office Contacts

(Handbook Pages 45 - 48)

Emergency Procedures

(Handbook Page 49)

Maps of Kyoto City Ward Offices and Uji City Hall

(Handbook Page 50)

Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center

Safety for traveling abroad

Working at Kyoto University

Access to the groupware system GAROON

For KyotoU researchers and professors, this webpage contains information about human resources in English: Kyoto University Human Resources homepage.

  • Working rules at Kyoto University
  • Registration, Child Care Leave, Application for use of the former family name, etc.
  • Salary Statement, Application for Deduction for Dependents, Year-End Adjustment, etc.
  • Commuting, Housing, Unaccompanied Duty Allowances, etc.
  • Individual Numbers ("My Number")
  • Health Insurance, Employment Insurance
  • Additional Position
  • Outline of the Mutual Aid Association
  • Acquisition/Forfeiture of Membership of Mutual Aid Association
  • Qualification/Disqualification of Dependents
  • Change of Name or Address
  • Reissuance of Membership Card
  • Exemption from Paying Insurance Premiums
  • Childbirth Benefit
  • Foreign Medical Treatment Benefits
  • Medical Treatment Benefit
  • When a Member is Injured by Another Person
  • Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payment
  • Group Insurance and Collective Accident Insurance Service
  • Loan
  • Application to take care of a child aged less than 3 years
  • Forfeiture of Membership due to Shortened Working Hours or Child Care Partial Leave
  • Illness and Injury Benefit
  • Voluntarily Continuing Insurance Members
  • Burial Benefit

Researchers & professors leaving KyotoU

The Kyoto University Handbook for International Researchers offers detailed information for those leaving KyotoU on page 32, "Before leaving Japan". Topics include: Necessary Procedures; Housing; At Kyoto University; Closure of Accounts; Pension Lump-Sum Withdrawal Payments; International Moving, and Sending Parcels.