Research integrity training

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Research integrity training

Kyoto University has established the Kyoto University Action Plan for the Promotion of Research Integrity to promote education on research ethics and related matters. The plan involves the provision of education on various aspects of research ethics to faculty members, researchers, and graduate and undergraduate students.

Kyoto University has provided mandatory research integrity training for faculty members, researchers, and graduate students since FY2015 through the APRIN e-Learning program (eAPRIN).

Persons who must take the course

  • All researchers who conduct research activities at Kyoto University (including graduate students)
  • Persons who conduct lectures (including part-time lecturers)

Implementation period

Although the course can be taken at any time, we recommend that those required to take the course do so as soon as possible.

How to take a Research Integrity e-Learning Course

  1. Go to the APRIN e-learning program page ( ).
  2. Enter the username and password provided by the system administrator, and click login.

Read the following for details.