e-Learning Course: Proper Use of Research Grants

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All the faculty and staff members at Kyoto University are required to complete an e-Learning course designed to promote a better understanding of the University's accounting regulations in order to increase the mindfulness and prevent the inappropriate use of grant money in accordance with Kyoto University's Guidelines for the Use of Funds.

Those who are required to take the course must complete the course and submit a pledge every year. Until they submit a pledge, faculty and staff members may not apply for, or be engaged in, the application for, or administration of, competitive research funds.

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Who are required to take the course

  • All the faculty and staff members at Kyoto University
  • JSPS research fellows, students who may receive or manage competitive research funds
  • Others who are engaged in administration of competitive research funds

In the case where the dean of their department has decided that they are not, or will not be, engaged in administration of competitive research funds, they will be excused from taking the e-Learning course.

Outline of the course

The e-Learning course consists of a learning material, comprehension test, and questionnaire (optional). Please finish the learning material first, and then proceed to the comprehension test.

URL for login


Login ID and password

Please log in using your SPS-ID or ECS-ID and its password if you have one.

How to take the course

Please refer to the Instructions.

General Affairs Section, Research Promotion Division
Email: kenkyu-tekisei-el*mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp (replace * with @)