The Kyoto University Museum

The Kyoto University Museum is the largest university museum in Japan, holding a collection of more than 2.6 million valuable research objects relating to history, the sciences, and education, featuring the fields of cultural history, natural history, and technology history. These are objects of unique value, and include numerous national treasures, important cultural assets, and pieces of international significance.

The Museum is a cherished asset through which the University connects with society at large, not only does it offer access to its collection to those conducting research on related fields in and outside the University, but it also promotes practical and open use of its facilities and objects for research and education to the general public, such as in the following areas:

  • preservation, management, and research use of pieces in the collection;
  • development of theory and technology to obtain information from artefacts;
  • supporting networks that enable information exchanges;
  • allowing access to the collection to support education and research; and
  • holding regular interactive events for the general public with researchers as well as students from the University.

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