Institutional approach

"Self-reliance and Self-respect" — this calligraphy by Professor Hiroji Kinoshita, the founding President of Kyoto University, set a distinctive tone for the life and ways of the University, encouraging initiative and trust within a socially engaged context.

Relations with society at large are far-reaching and multi-layered. These connections foster local and international development, and embody academic and non-academic interactions with partners ranging from grassroots to global institutions.

The University nurtures its human capital, equipping them with outstanding knowledge, technical skills, and a remarkable sense of responsibility toward society. In this sense, as an academic institution it fosters personal experiences among its members, rendering them socially sensitive and globally responsible citizens eager to contribute in the search for solutions to global challenges.

For Kyoto University, social engagement becomes a reality by offering community-oriented education, carrying out engaged research, and implementing activities meant to bring meaningful social impact. The University fosters its global educational outreach through Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs , offered via edX and other forms of open education, such as the University's OpenCourseWare, or OCW . Kyoto University also strives to be a sustainable campus and is a supportive member of international organizations that promote USR, such as the USR-Network .

Inspired by the WINDOW Concept , the Office of the President supports several projects fostering the connection of the University with society and the world. These initiatives look at nature as a source of inspiration and a close teacher in the search for innovation and creativity, while promoting awareness on the importance of human dignity.