Scholarships for privately-financed international students

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The following information is intended for privately-financed Kyoto University international students with an interest in scholarship opportunities.

To learn about programs accepting applications before matriculation, visit this page.


All scholarship programs require applicants to have "Student" residence status; recipients lacking this must return the scholarship received for the month during which the change occurred.

Please also note that some programs accept applications from those who have been accepted into a university but have not yet matriculated. Information on such programs is available by contacting the administrative offices of individual Faculties/Graduate Schools.


Some scholarship programs accept applications from students themselves, while others require submission from the students' universities. Terms and conditions vary by program, so those interested are advised to carefully check relevant guidelines before submitting an application.

Please also note that the selection processes are highly competitive due to the limited availability of opportunities as well as growing demand.

Information on scholarship opportunities open to Kyoto University students is provided to the administrative offices of applicable Faculties/Graduate Schools as it becomes available. These offices usually post such information on their bulletin boards, so interested students are advised to regularly check them for updates.

Scholarship programs accepting applications after matriculation

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship (Gakushushoreihi) for Privately-Financed International Students

Administered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), this program accepts applications from privately-financed international students who have been admitted to a Japanese university. The amount provided is 48,000 yen per month for both undergraduate and graduate students (as of April 2023). Kyoto University students may submit applications following matriculation via the University.

Further details are available on the JASSO website.

Programs administered by private foundations

Some programs accept applications from students themselves, while others require submission from the students' universities.

Kyoto University annually selects and nominates candidates for approximately 60 programs. Each foundation typically selects one or two students, and provides 30,000-180,000 yen per student per month. Applications are generally accepted following matriculation (although some programs accept applications from those who have yet to matriculate).

Currently enrolled students with an interest in such opportunities are advised to regularly check the bulletin boards of their Faculties/Graduate Schools' administrative offices for the latest information.

Please note that selection criteria for some programs include Japanese language proficiency.

For more details, please refer to University-nominated scholarships.

Regarding the handling of personal information

Personal information provided at the time of application and personal information related to the application will be used for the scholarship screening process. The information may also be used for the general management of financial support data within the University, and for the management and screening of other projects within the University to facilitate its provision of appropriate support.

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