Message from the President

Kyoto University Alumni (KUA) was established in November 2006 to facilitate exchange and cooperation between members of the University’s numerous alumni associations, as well as to contribute to the institution’s development.

KUA is an umbrella organization for the University’s faculty, graduate school, club, circle, and regional alumni associations. The domestic organizations span the length of Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, while the overseas associations span the globe from Southeast Asia to North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. I hope to see even more alumni associations established both in Japan and abroad.

For 120 years since its establishment as Japan’s second imperial university, Kyoto University has fostered a distinctive culture of academic freedom that is unconstrained by convention, while cultivating talented individuals with the creativity and practical skills required to play leading roles in diverse fields. The University is also one of Japan’s foremost research institutions, having produced more Noble Prize laureates and Fields Medalists than any other university in Asia.

I hope that Kyoto University will continue to be the home of creative and innovative research, one that inspires a sense of hope and anticipation, and be a source of enduring pride for students and graduates.

KUA makes it possible for alumni to maintain links not only with the University as a whole, but also with specific faculties, graduate schools, regions, network associations, clubs, and circles. I encourage all graduates to take advantage of these opportunities to find connections that transcend differences and enrich their lives.

I ask for your continued support of KUA and its activities.

Nagahiro Minato
President, Kyoto University Alumni
President, Kyoto University