Join KUA


If your organization is not mentioned in the "Lists of KUA alumni associations" section (which includes the alumni associations of faculties, graduate schools, and student clubs, as well as regional alumni associations) and wishes to join Kyoto University Alumni, it may apply for membership as follows.

In order to qualify for KUA membership, an alumni organization must:

  • Have at least 10 members.
  • Regularly undertake activities to promote exchange among its members, such as social gatherings.
  • Have a representative, such as a Chair, who can act as its liaison (secretariat).

Representatives of organizations that meet the above conditions and wish to join KUA are advised to follow the procedures that are available by contacting the KUA Secretariat.


If you are a member of any of the alumni associations mentioned in the "Lists of KUA alumni associations " section, you already belong to Kyoto University Alumni and need not apply for membership.

Graduates of Kyoto University undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as current and former Kyoto University faculty and staff, who do not belong to any of those associations, and who wish to join Kyoto University Alumni, are invited to follow the instructions below.

How to apply

Download and complete the Membership Application Form (link below) and email it to the Kyoto University Alumni Secretariat (address provided on the form), which will assess the submitted details and notify you of the result by email.