Kyoto U Research News Express (KURNe)

KURNe #1, Do Cells Recognize Sound?

We talked to Dr Masahiro Kumeta from the Graduate School of Biostudies about his recent paper in PLOS ONE , on how cells are affected by audible sound.

KURNe #2, Antimatter Lightning

We talked to Dr Teruaki Enoto from The Hakubi Center for Advanced Research about his paper in Nature , on how lightning produces gamma rays and antimatter. The detectors used in this research were built with the help of the academic crowd funding site Academist.

KURNe #3, How accurate is your AI?

We talked to Dr JB Brown from the Graduate School of Medicine about his paper in Molecular Informatics , on a new evaluation method for the type of AI that predicts yes/positive/true or no/negative/false answers.

Kyoto U Research News Magazine 2018 Spring

In this issue we feature a roundtable discussion with professors from the Humanities and Social Sciences discussing the academic culture of KyotoU.

KURNe #4, How sciences come together

We talked to Christian E Vincenot from the Department of Social Informatics about his paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B , on how seemingly separate concepts in scientific fields fuse to become universal approaches.

KURNe #5, The Protein Controlling Neuron Branch Growth

We talk to Kelly Kawabata, PhD candidate of the Graduate School of Biostudies, about her paper in Cell Reports , on how a specific protein controls how neurons branch in the brain.

KURNe #6, The 3.8M Telescope SEIMEI

We talk to Dr Masaru Kino from the Graduate School of Science about the brand-new 3.8 meter telescope, SEIMEI. Now the largest telescope in East Asia, SEIMEI has taken over a decade to develop and is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology. (Make sure to turn on subtitles.)

Kyoto U Research News Magazine 2018 Fall

We feature the brand-new 3.8 meter Telescope SEIMEI, and a roundtable talk of scientists from the Math and Informatics department where they discuss the fundamental principles of machines.

KURNe #7, Researching local politics to improve democracy

We talk to Dr Ken Victor Leonard Hijino from the Graduate School of Law, who researches local Japanese politics to understand what shapes the behavior of political parties, politicians, and voters.

KURNe #8, Finding success through failure

We talk to Professor Emmanuel Manalo from the Graduate School of Education, about the special journal issue he co-edited on the benefits and necessities of failure in educational contexts.

Kyoto U Research News Magazine 2019 Spring

We feature our newest Nobel Prize laureate, Dr Tasuku Honjo, and his groundbreaking work on cancer immunotherapy. We also highlight his trip to Stockholm and a discussion with 2012 Nobel Prize laureate Dr Shinya Yamanaka.

KURNe #9, Making and eye for you

We talk to Dr Satoru Okuda from Kyoto University's Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciences on his research investigating the underlying mechanical forces that form the eye, and how this understanding can help the future of regenerative medicine.

KURNe #10, Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology, ASHBi

We introduce Kyoto University's Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (ASHBi), and its director Dr Mitinori Saitou whose mission is to investigate what makes us human as a biological entity.

KURNe #11, Targeted delivery of therapeutic cells

Dr Yuriko Higuchi from the school of Pharmaceutical Sciences explains her research on how we can use cells as vehicles for targeted drug delivery.

KURNe #12, Host-Parasite Ecology and Evolution

Episode twelve of KyotoU Research News Express is out! We go to Inuyama in Aichi prefecture to talk to Dr Andrew MacIntosh from Kyoto University's Primate Research Institute. Dr MacIntosh is an expert in Behavioral Ecology, Infectious Disease, and Epidemiology in the context of animals including primates. He also looks at the relationships different animals have with each other in nature.