École de Kyodai (エコ~るど京大)


Inspired in the coined words "Eco" and "World", École de Kyodai promotes understanding about the principle of: "Think globally, Act locally, Feel on Campus!" and seeks to boost awareness on the importance of learning about ecology at the University and beyond.

The project bridges with society, including local communities, administrators, and the private sector, by cutting transversally across academic fields and encouraging student participation in the search for solutions to some of the environmental impacts brought about by activities carried out in or by the University.


Through efforts that involve the University and local communities, the project promotes awareness and brings multifaceted answers to problems such as supporting the elderly, encouraging efficient use of energy, or promoting sustainable management of garbage.

As an example among the projects under the umbrella of this initiative, the Blue Seafood project promotes the consumption of seafood resources obtained through environmentally-friendly fishing methods.

École de Kyodai's new initiative, the Jikatsu Project, brings students and faculty together with the business sector and other groups focusing on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project aims to raise awareness about SDGs, first learning and discussing what the goals are; then planning individual actions to address related issues in everyday life on campus; and eventually expanding them to higher and more institutionalized levels at the University and beyond. Discussions are dynamic, sometimes overheated, and often bring about inventive and enthusiastic ideas on how to promote the initiative.

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