International symposia


Research generates knowledge, and making it available and usable to society is one of the key missions of the University. In order to promote synergic relations, interdisciplinary approaches, and expanding research development, Kyoto University hosts, organizes, and supports international symposia that bring together top researchers from around the world to share their work and passion and to look into further cooperation in research for the future.

Noteworthy recent events include:

The 1st Swiss-Kyoto Workshop, organized jointly by the University of Zurich and Kyoto University, took place in November of 2019. The workshop was held at the University of Zurich, focusing on the field of medicine and with the aim of enhancing collaboration between the two institutions, building on the achievements of two previous symposia held between Kyoto University and multiple Swiss institutions in 2013 and 2016. Research matchmaking and poster presentation sessions were held to foster information exchange and networking in diverse fields and to explore possibilities for future collaboration.

The 2nd Kyoto-Vienna Joint Workshop, organized jointly by Kyoto University and the University of Vienna, was held in October of 2019 at the International Science Innovation Building of Kyoto University. For the event, both universities cooperated to foster joint research in the areas of Law Harmonization, Cognitive Biology, Art History, and Asian Studies.

The 2nd Kyoto University – Universität Hamburg Symposium 2018 was a follow up to the first Joint Symposium, held in June of 2017. The two universities reinforced their mutual engagement to cooperate in research in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. The second symposium strengthened collaboration in additional academic fields, as well as highlighting the need to strengthen cooperation in terms of funding schemes. Together, these symposia served as a platform to boost exchanges and collaboration between the two universities in exploring academic cooperation in research in the areas of manuscript culture, physics, law and economics, polymer chemistry, Japanese studies, and infection research.

Collaborations with the University of Bordeaux have included a symposium aimed at advancing innovative research in cutting-edge areas in the fields of medicine and engineering, with emphasis on industry-academia collaboration.

The 2nd Kyoto-Swiss Symposium, following up on the first symposium organized in 2013, was held in 2016 in Kyoto with participants from the University of Zurich and Kyoto University on the topics of healthy aging, primatology, botanical science, digital science, art and history, and regenerative medicine.

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