International consortia & networks

International University consortia and networks facilitate the development and expansion of academic cooperation between their member institutions, and also serve to link universities with stakeholders in wider society.

Regional networks serve to bring focus to the University’s international engagement, and facilitate its contribution to addressing diverse global issues.

Find out more about our participation in international consortia and networks:

Please see below for a list of international consortia and networks in which Kyoto University is an active member.

Connecting universities in Japan and Germany:

HeKKSaGOn (German-Japanese University Network)

Connecting universities in Japan and the UK:

RENKEI (Japan-UK Research and Education Network)

Connecting Universities in Japan and the USA:

USJI (US-Japan Research Institute)

Connecting with research universities in East Asia:

AEARU (Association of East Asian Research Universities)

Connecting with higher education institutions in ASEAN, China, Japan and Korea:

AUN (ASEAN University Network) and ASEAN +3 UNet

Connecting with leading universities to develop and promote social responsibility:

USRN (University Social Responsibility Network)