University establishments 4

  1. Tottori Observatory, Tottori (D.P.R.I.)
  2. Tokuyama Experimental Station, Tokuyama, Yamaguchi (F.S.E.R.C.)
  3. Tokushima Observatory, Tokushima (D.P.R.I.)
  4. Tokushima Landslide Observatory, Tokushima (D.P.R.I.)
  5. Beppu Geothermal Research Laboratory, Beppu, Oita (Sci.)
  6. Aso Volcanological Laboratory, Aso, Kumamoto (Sci.)
  7. Kumamoto Sanctuary
  8. Miyazaki Observatory, Miyazaki (D.P.R.I.)
  9. Koshima Field-Station, Koshima, Miyazaki (P.R.I.)
  10. Sakurajima Volcano Research Center, Kagoshima (D.P.R.I.)
  11. Yakushima Field-Station, Kamiyakucho, Kagoshima (P.R.I.)

List of abbreviations

  • D.P.R.I. --- Disaster Prevention Research Institute
  • F.S.E.R.C. --- Field Science Education and Research Center
  • Sci. --- Graduate School of Science
  • P.R.I. --- Primate Research Institute