Our Emblem and School Color



The emblem of Kyoto University combines the camphor tree that stands in front of the Clock Tower with a logo including the Chinese characters for "university", the latter having been used to represent the university since its pre-World War II days as Kyoto Imperial University. Prof Rokuro Ogawa, a faculty member in the 1950s, suggested the original design. Since that time, it has been used on all manner of printed materials, as well as on the university's official letterhead. The need for an official emblem increased as the University became increasingly involved in international academic exchange, prompting the design of the present emblem shown here, which was officially adopted by the University Council on November 16, 1990.

School Color


In 1920, The University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, which were known at that time as The Imperial University of Tokyo and Kyoto Imperial University, had their first regatta on the Seta River. As with Oxford and Cambridge Universities in England, Kyoto and Tokyo Universities chose a dark blue and a light blue for their team colors, respectively. The color for the Kyoto University team, chosen by drawing lots, was a dark shade of blue called nousei in Japanese, which has been both the school color and the color of the sports association at Kyoto University ever since.